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Flavors of deliciousness:

* White

* Yellow 

* Chocolate 

* Chocolate and White Marble  

* Peppermint 

* Butter 

* Light Chocolate 

* Dark Chocolate 

* German Chocolate 

* Chocolate Chip (white cake) 

* Triple Chocolate 

* Chocolate Mint 

* Red Velvet 

* White or Lemon Poppy Seed 

* Butter Pecan 

* Lemon 

* Confetti

* Strawberry Cake 

* French Vanilla 

* Carrot 

* Pumpkin  

* Spice 

* Banana 

* Cherry 

* Strawberry lemonade 

* Orange Dreamsicle 

* Chai Tea Spice Cake 

Icings that we offer:

WE DO NOT DO ANY FONDANT!  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Icings Offered:

Buttercream (Typical Wedding Cake Icing)

Whipped Icing (Not as sweet, more light and fluffy)

Cream Cheese 

Fillings offer a great addition to any ordinary cake.  The fruit not only enhances the flavors, but also pleases a wider variety of your guests!  Cakes filled with additional icings or fudge can add another blast of flavor as well!

Fillings offered:

(Fresh Fruit does incur an additional charge of $3-6.00)




bavarian creme



lemon chiffon

orange dreamsicle

peanut butter 

...and most anything else you can dream up!

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